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General Cryptocurrency

As decentralization is a defining characteristic of cryptocurrency, new users will want to understand why this feature retains such appeal.  As such, the following content explains the imperative for moving towards decentralization as well as a brief recap of what is a cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Beginner Course

The Blockchain Beginner course is a collection of ten lessons to help you understand Blockchain basics.

Some of the lesson topics included in this course are:.
How Blockchain Technology works, Public vs Private Blockchains, Blockchains’ key attributes and Blockchain Limitation.


Blockchain Beginner Part 2

Data not only needs to be secure but securely exchanged as well. AI systems depend on data and blockchain technology can store that data with high reliability and security. As such, they complement each other.

Today’s decentralized data exchanges are creating a data economy that runs on top of blockchains.


The most effective way to look at the meaning of "value" in the crypto-space is to relate it to Crypto economics. A new category in the field of economics, the word seems to suggest that a parallel 'crypto' version of macroeconomics exists.

Ethereum Beginner

Ethereum is a global, open-source, blockchain-based platform used to host decentralized applications and other cryptocurrencies. The platform has its own cryptocurrency named Ether, a digital token that enables smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps) to operate.


Trading Beginners

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a global marketplace filled with hundreds of coins involved in millions of trades every day. The typical investor is more interested in trading cryptocurrency than keeping them in his or her wallet.

Bitcoin Beginner

In 2008, a software developer named Satoshi Nakamoto (an alias) produced a white paper detailing how to set up a cryptography-based electronic payment system. This beginner introductory course will cover these plus five additional topics. What is Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin Used For? Bitcoin Basic Principals? Proof of Work.  Bitcoins Impact on the Global Economy.

Bitcoin Advanced

Bitcoins will continue to be created for quite some time. Bitcoin mining remains critically important to hashing and the coin’s security. New bitcoins will continue to be created for quite some time.

Security Beginner.

There has been a lot of theft that happened in the cryptocurrency space. In 2018 alone, more than $2 Mil. worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen from exchanges.   In the same year, more than 96% of the stolen money was not from personal crypto wallets, but from cryptocurrency exchanges. It is clear that we need a more effective security for cryptocurrencies.  

Security Advanced

As ingenious as bitcoin is, the cryptocurrency still retains a few weaknesses. In particular, it remains vulnerable to attack when any mining pool comes close to controlling a majority of the overall network hash rate.

XTRABYTES™ Beginner Course

The XTRABYTES™ beginner course is a collection of lessons giving the learner a base knowledge of the structure of XTRABYTES™.

Lessons will include topics on XTRABYTES™ (XBY), XFUEL, XCITE Mobile Wallet, Scalability, Decentralization Data protection and Code Agnostics.

Please note that an updated version of the XCITE™ Mobile wallet and the XCITE™ Desktop wallet are due for release in the near future. Some of the content in lesson three in this course will be updated at that time. Dec29, 2020




XTRABYTES™ Beginner Part 2

 XTRABYTES™ is building a platform that will bring the benefits of decentralization to a variety of everyday tasks (beyond simply serving as an alternative payment processor). Thus, XTRABYTES intends to provide blockchain solutions that offer greater functionality than currently found in other cryptocurrency projects.

Consensus Lessons

By definition, a consensus is a decision or opinion that most, if not, all people agreed upon. While mechanism is a systematic process by which something takes place.

As a phrase, the term consensus mechanism refers to a systematic process by which a group of people or devices make a decision.